Automatic Beverage Mixer

BEVERAGE PROCESS with flow meter & Highly sophisticated instrumentation machine will mix water + syrup + CO2 In line with very high accuracy of Brix control +/- 0.01 By Dozing Pump BRIX Models range from 3/4/6/9 KLPH


  • Pumps Fully Stainless Steel from Jai Sat.
  • Pipes and Pipe Fitting with High quality (3RA) From Alfa Laval.
  • Flow meters, Probes E&H / Jai Sat.
  • Electronic control by-PLCFrom Siemens.
  • Pipes &Joints with high welding quality.
  • Main mixing dosing pump from Jai Sat.
  • PHE From A


  • Removes the air from the treated water to keep the beverage DO level down.
  • The deaeration is done with vacuum as well with forced CO2 method.
  • 2 Stage SS water tank with continuous water circulation under vacuum condition for deaeration.
  • Water ring type vacuum pump is used to create vacuum.
  • Pipes &Joints with high welding quality.


  • The row beverage after mixing is chilled through plate heat exchanger (PHE)
  • The beverage output temperature is controlled by controlling the coolant with pneumatic proportional valve and PID controller.


  • The CO2 is mixed in chilled beverage by online venture system by measuring CO2 flow. The CO2 is controlled by manual varnier graded valve.


  • The ready chilled beverage is stored in insulated SS tank.
  • The tank is equipped with pressure control and level control system.
  • The tank is equipped with high pressure safety valve.


  • Maximum carbonation: 12 grams/ ltr.
  • Carbonation accuracy: +/- 0.1 GV
  • Deaeration efficiency: 75%
  • Beverage Temperature: 2 Deg. C @ incoming water temp. 35 deg. C.
  • Temperature accuracy: +/- 1 deg. C.
  • Beverage temp. Drop: Max. 1 Deg. C. / 10 min. storage
  • CIP flow: 10% higher than rated mixer capacity


  • All 3 tanks (Deaeration, Carbonation and Buffer tank) made of SS 304.
  • Hygienic construction concept.
  • Machine Piping SS 304.
  • Piping fabrication by purging orbital welded.
  • Pneumatic controls by janatics.
  • Main electrical panel made of SS 304.
  • All electrical hardware by Schneider.
  • Automation system by Siemens.


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