Automatic Cooling Tunnel

Tunnel Type very efficient heat transfer system to cool the bottles back to ambient temperature so that they can be packed immediately. The unit incorporates a plate heat exchanger with systematic piping which reduces energy consumption.

Capacity: Machine Available With 50 BPM to 400 BPM Capacities.

Main Drive: 5 HP Siemens Make Variable Frequency Drive

Speed Control: By Potential Meter

Bottle Entering The Tunnel Temperature

Pumps: Tank Temp. Bottle Temp.
2HP 1st Zone 70'C 85'C
2 HP 2nd Zone 55'C 60'C
2 HP 3rd Zone 45'C 50'C
2 HP 4rd Zone 35'C 35'C

Air Blower 2 HP for blowing air off the bottle


  • Initially water is filled into all the tanks and heated by steam to the required operating
  • Temperature for each tank, steam is then shut. Hot bottles then help maintain the
  • Temperature of each zone. At the first tank where the bottle enter the machine,
  • Bottles are held at a temperature of 85 Degree C, for three minutes with water circulated
  • From the same tank, no heat or cooling water is added to this tank.
  • The total time for bottles to pass in the cooler is 21 minutes with four zones. In the
  • First zone the bottles takes 3 minutes and in the remaining 3 zones they take 18
  • Minutes @ of 6 minutes per zone. Water from a tank is circulated in the same zone
  • In case of zone 2,3,4 , with zone 4 being at the exit end of the machine where the
  • Temperature being
  • 35 Degree C
  • When hot bottle is sprayed by water of the zone temperature of that zone rises
  • Above the set point. When the temperature of zone rises above the set temperature,
  • Cool water at 35 Degree C is added from the heat exchanger, into zone lowering the
  • Temperature. The overflow hot water returns to the heat exchanger via a buffer tank.
  • Water is cooled in the PHE by water that is circulated in the cooling tower.
  • In the cooling tower water is uniformly distributed over the bottles from drip trays. The
  • Blower while exiting out of the 4th zone removes residual Water on the bottle.
  • The main conveyor is Stainless Steel Wire chain, the body shell is manufactured
  • From S. S. with suitable manholes for cleaning. All water spray boxes are of
  • Stainless steel and can be cleaned by opening top covers of the machine.


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