PET Bottle - Hot Juice Fill

The Filling valves work on the gravity principle, the product is supplied to the filling bowl by a centrifugal pump, and the product level in the tank is controlled. The bottles are raised to the filling nozzle by positive lift cylinder, if the bottle is not delivered the valve does not open. The lift cylinders operate on positive cam lift-off principle and do not use compressed air or spring load. Lift cylinder cam is made of stainless steel and machined to fine finish and have simple harmonic motion profile to lift bottles smoothly to filling valve. The product will be filled to pre set level and the bottle is lowered. The tank and all rubber components are deigned to work at high temperatures.

  • The machine also has a product Recirculation System* to ensure that if machine is stopped for any reason the product in tank is not left to cool. (* optional at extra cost.)
  • The filling valve is designed with a wide mouth arrangement that it may also be used for filling products with natural pulp/sacs in the liquid.
  • The product is dropped down directly instead of flowing along the sides of the bottle, this prevents and shrinkage and warping in the bottle.

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